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1989-2019, 30th year. Registered in England/Wales No. 02455157



A remarkably small and super lightweight moving wash for rental companies, stage and discotheques

The 7 powerful 4in1 RGBW leds are arranged in 4 independent clusters for easy use of pixel mapping.

Very bright beam (55000lux @ 1m) compared to the size of the unit.

High speed pan/tilt movements assure dynamic show programming.

Tight 10° beam angle for special beam effects

Excellent color mixing compared to the competition

Calibrated color macros (Lee filters standard) for easy and fast show programming

Excellent built-in programs for wonderful, ever changing, light shows:

DMX-control: 9ch, 12ch, 16ch and 28 channels

Standalone: sound activated with internal mic

Master/slave: wonderful synchronized shows in standalone mode

DMX-master/slave: thanks to this revolutionary new feature several BT-W07L12 units, working in master/slave, can still be controlled by 1 or 4 DMX-channels! (even while connected on a DMX line, optional mini DMX splitter required)

Two different default settings, easy for rental companies:

PRO-defaults: basic settings (adjustable) for use on professional DMX-controllers.

AUTO-defaults: basic settings (adjustable) for easy master/slave use.

Automatic X/Y re-positioning

Neutrik PowerCON® in/outputs: easy daisy chaining of several units up to 16A.

Optional remote controller available: wired CA8

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