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1989-2019, 30th year. Registered in England/Wales No. 02455157

Interfit INT503

Interfit INT503

Explore the endless three-point lighting possibilities in your photos and videos with the Interfit F5 Three-Head Fluorescent Lighting Kit!

The F5 is a light-weight continuous light source that combines ease of use and versatility to provide a powerful lighting tool for your personal studio.

The F5 Fluorescent Fixture

features five 32w fluorescent lamps producing up to 800 equivalent watts of power

uses three toggle switches on the back for precise control of lighting ratios

includes a 50 x 70cm (20 x 28?) softbox with a removable front diffuser

has a locking tilt bracket for precise positioning

features an 8mm umbrella mount for use with your favorite umbrella (umbrella not included)

operates silently, making it ideal for photo or video

remains cool to the touch, keeping your subject comfortable during prolonged shoots

The Interfit F5 Three-Head Fluorescent Lighting Kit is an all-inclusive three point lighting kit. In addition to the three F5 heads and softboxes, this kit includes two of our standard 2.3m (7.5') light stands, and one of our 3m (10’) light stands. The increased height and stability of the third stand is used to support the 1.4m (4.5’) Boom Arm. Having a light on a boom arm allows you to place the light overhead of your subject to create a dramatic overhead light or a crisp hair light to separate your subject from the background.

Price: 199.99+VAT (239.99 Including VAT at 20%)


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