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1989-2019, 30th year. Registered in England/Wales No. 02455157 Due to the impact of COVID-19, some lead times may be subject to change. We are doing all we can to get your order to you as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

Zero 88 Juggler (24 Channels) - 00-129-11

Zero 88 Juggler (24 Channels) - 00-129-11

Manual lighting control with timed crossfades and sequence functions, 12/24 channels

The Juggler provides manual lighting control for the smaller stage, offering the perfect solution to uncomplicated lighting plots.

The Juggler is a two preset, 12 channel desk with a wide mode feature that allows 24 channel operation. Channel faders are set in a conventional two preset layout for easy crossfading. Each preset has its own fade time control allowing smooth fades to be achieved over periods as long as 5 minutes. All crossfades are true dipless. This ability to hold constant lighting levels and varying fade times allows sophisticated lighting plots to be replayed simply and accurately.

The Juggler has channel flash buttons enabling the creation of lively lighting effects. These can be disabled by the flash on/off switch to prevent accidental use.

The Juggler also offers a sequence feature allowing users to program chases or playback stacks. Up to 12 sequences of 99 steps can be recorded on the desk. (Only 1 of the 12 sequences may be output at any given time).

Sequences can be played back using the auto function with the ability to set the chase time using the speed pot. Sequences can also be stepped through manually. In manual mode the time pot used for the A/B faders can be used to set the fade time between steps. To allow seamless integration of a chase into a look there is a sequence master. Sequence steps can contain single or multiple channels.

Price: 460.00+VAT (552.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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