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1989-2019, 30th year. Registered in England/Wales No. 02455157

CAT5E-F Cable Black (per metre)

CAT5E-F Cable Black (per metre)

CAT5E-F CATEGORY 5E DATA CABLE Stranded conductor, screened - Deployable

It has an extra-flexible four-pair core structure, that maintains Category 5E performance, a foil screen, then a special soft PVC composite material outer jacket, to give superb flexibility and handling characteristics.

It is suitable for use with both standard RJ45 connectors (round entry version), the Neutrik Ethercon and most other ruggedised RJ45 designs, or any other connector with a suitably sized entry gland.

The cable is also suitable for DMX512 applications.


Price: 1.30+VAT (1.56 Including VAT at 20%)

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