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1989-2019, 30th year. Registered in England/Wales No. 02455157


Channel 38 Licensing

Channel 38 Licensing

Information from Ofcom regarding wireless licensing:


From there you can sign up to buy/renew lincenses, or calculate costs.

Please note: A licence is required from PMSE Licensing to operate radio microphones in channel 38 – currently this is £75 for a 1 year licence or £135 for a 2 year licence. It’s a requirement by law to be in possession of a licence to legally operate radio microphones or IEM’s in channel 38. PMSE Licensing is the Ofcom department responsible for Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE).

Ten Out of Ten Productions Ltd have a 2 year licence for the use of up to 12 radio mic channels at any one time, which covers the hiring of our microphones. Any additional channels needed over the 12 must be paid for in advance and the details submitted to Ofcom, in advance of the show date(s). These extra costs will be passed onto the hirer.

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