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1989-2019, 30th year. Registered in England/Wales No. 02455157

Theatrical Drapes



10 Out Of 10 can supply you with any stage fabric, in virtually any colour you choose. Here's a selection of the usual drapery that we get enquiries for:

main house drapes, scenic backdrops, borders, legs, stage covers, projection gauzes, starcloths, cycloramas. Typical lead times are 5-10 working days, quicker for fabric only, cut from the roll. Please email sales@10outof10.co.uk to discuss your requirements and pricing. Copy/add these details below to your email (or other options not mentioned) and we will get an accurate quote over to you.

Fabric Type: Wool Serge/Sharkstooth/Stage Molton/Scenic Muslin/Canvas/Chroma Green/Bolton Twill/Dimout/Velvet

Gather/Fullness: ...% (usually 50%)

Top/Heading: Snap Hooks/Velcro/Ties

Sides: Hemmed/Velcro

Base: Hemmed/Standard Conduit Pocket/Chain Weighted



Dimensions: width x drop (in cm please)


Please note that all custom-made fabrics & screens are non-returnable. We take it in good faith that the measurements and specifications you have supplied are correct, and only in the case of a manufacturing error will any mistakes be rectified.

Flame retardants used in fabrics:

DFR = Durable Flame Retardant.

The fabric has been woven with a specialised thread that is flame proofed. This fabric can be washed and still maintain the flame proofing.

IFR = Inherently Flame Retardant.

The fabric is woven with threads that meet fire code standards, without being subject to any special processing or addition of chemicals. This fabric is expected to remain flame retardant for their lifetime, even after repeated washings.

NDFR = Non Durable Flame Retardant.

The fabric has been treated with a substance to achieve the flame proofing and has to have specialist dry cleaning to keep the flame proofing.

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