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1989-2019, 30th year. Registered in England/Wales No. 02455157

ETC Dimmers

ETC Universal Fader Wing 2 x 20


Price: 1,877.00+VAT (2,252.40 Including VAT at 20%)

ETC - SmartPack Touring System

ETC - SmartPack Touring System

ETC dimmer p/n 7020A1103-V

SmartPack 12 x 2.3kW, SP, Socapex (2))

The SmartPack Touring System is a compact, rugged and incredibly reliable touring rack with up to 24 dimmers. It is the simple-to-use lighting control solution for small road shows, shows that need limited dimming, corporate or ballroom events, theatres, weekend gigs, regional festivals and small touring productions. The rack has built-in mains distribution with breakers and RCD protection and is one of the smallest, most lightweight systems ever made.

Available with two portable SmartPack slots, the SmartPack Touring System allows you to choose your pack style: 2.3kW; 3kW or 5kW and your choice of output panels. It provides you with everything you need for a simple show, including 230V convenience outlets and DMX In and Thru connectors that come standard.

The entire SmartPack range ensures stable dimming in all situations, even if a venue has problems with poor power quality.

SmartPack is the solution for your touring needs!

Price: 1,991.00+VAT (2,389.20 Including VAT at 20%)

ETC - SmartModule 2 (6 x 16A)

ETC - SmartModule 2 (6 x 16A)


Available with either four or six dimmers, SmartModule 2 CE brings compact and affordable dimming solutions to any venue that requires maximum flexibility. Whether mounting SmartModule 2 CE on a wall, hanging on a pipe or setting up on the floor, museums, schools, rental shops, small theatres and touring shows can have professional quality dimming at an affordable price.

No complicated setup. No control desk required. Just plug in and go. SmartModule 2 CE performs reliably and is designed to last.

SmartModule 2 CE offers local control capabilities and a choice of dimmer curves, as well as 20 pre-programmed chases for unattended operation. And it’s convection cooled – SmartModule 2 CE operates without fans.

Pair with SmartBar™ 2 CE for next-generation dimming that is reliable, portable and affordable.

Product Features

Two, four or six dimmer models

Single-phase, 16A two-wire plus ground feed

Three-phase, 32A four-wire plus ground feed

Option for bi-phase (three-wire plus ground feed)

Choice of output connectors: CEE 16A, Schuko, NF (French) and UK 15A

Auxiliary connector for power supply of your scrollers, desk or DMX-splitter

Load protection per dimmer: 2.3kW (10A) circuit breakers

Stand-alone operation for local control and chase sequences

Programmable functions such as non-dim operation and dimmer curves

Convection cooled for silent operation

Price: 1,348.00+VAT (1,617.60 Including VAT at 20%)

ETC - Gadget II (USB to 2 x DMX/RDM XLR ports)

ETC - Gadget II (USB to 2 x DMX/RDM XLR ports)


Gadget provides a connection from a PC to your lighting system’s DMX/RDM devices. Nomad Gadget provides DMX control level output, configuration, and monitoring for RDM devices including fixtures, dimmers, and more. You can also upgrade software for most DMX-based ETC products using UpdaterAtor or Net3 Concert software.

Price: 215.00+VAT (258.00 Including VAT at 20%)

ETC Net3 Two Port DMX/RDM Input Gateway 802.3af (Net3/ACN Only)

ETC Net3 Two Port DMX/RDM Input Gateway 802.3af (Net3/ACN Only)


ETC Net3 Touring Two Port DMX/RDM Input Gateway 802.3af


ETC Power Supply 100-240VAC IN/12VDC Out AT 1.5A

Price: 44.00+VAT (52.80 Including VAT at 20%)

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